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June 2019 Archives

Does a parent's gender affect chances of winning custody?

There are many different million-dollar questions that family law attorneys in Riverside often hear. Something they're often asked is how a parent's gender impacts their chances of winning custody of their child. Although they haven't always done so, most California judges now consider what's in the best interest of a minor when making such decisions. This may mean that a mom is awarded custody in one situation whereas a father is selected in another.

If you're considering divorce, you should talk with a lawyer

When divorce becomes a potential part of your future, you may struggle to decide what is best for you and your family. Whether you and your spouse simply don't get along anymore or there has been some kind of dramatic break in the trust between you, possibly related to infidelity, it can feel impossible to make a decision about whether walking away or fighting for your marriage is the better option.

It's important that teens are adopted

When people hear about adoption, they often think of newborns. Parents often give up their babies because they're either too young or are lacking the financial means to adequately take care for them. Older kids including teens who've been bounced around to different foster homes need loving homes to take them in though as well.

The Restorative Justice Project aims to end domestic violence

Many domestic violence victims attempt to break free from their abuser numerous times, yet are often wooed back by their ex soon after they do. The Restorative Justice Project (RJP) was recently launched in California in hopes of curbing domestic violence disputes.

A spike in divorce filings is on the horizon

Divorce filings tend to follow certain trends. While there are always outliers -- most people don't get divorced in December, for instance, but that doesn't mean there aren't couples who file for divorce right around Christmas -- summer tends to see a significant spike in divorce filings as it draws to a close.