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April 2018 Archives

Is grief normal following a divorce?

Following a divorce, it's not unusual to grieve. Much like losing someone you love, a divorce may result in significant feelings of loss. For many people, moving on isn't something that comes easy, and dealing with the divorce is a struggle.

Drug and alcohol abuse can impact child custody in California

There are many reasons why couples decide to divorce. Issues with addiction, including drugs and alcohol, pornography and gambling issues, are a major contributing factor to the decline of marriages. When one spouse becomes addicted or starts engaging in unsafe behavior, it can put the whole family at risk.

Couples therapists: We won't tell you to get a divorce, usually

You are thinking about getting a divorce, but you want to try therapy first. What you really want to know is if your therapist will be honest. Will he or she tell you or your spouse if your marriage really can't be saved? Will the therapist give you a way to get out, or will he or she suggest you stick together no matter what?