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February 2017 Archives

Relief for incarcerated parents paying child support

For many years, low-income parents paying child support have faced a vicious cycle. Failure to meet your obligation usually meant an instant warrant for your arrest. If you were sent to jail, you were likely expected to pay the outstanding balance of support while continuing to make new monthly payments. That resulted in a scenario in which incarcerated parents incurred further debt upon their release.

Know what the adoption process entails so you are more prepared

The adoption process is one that is stressful, beautiful, difficult and enriching. As you go through the process and feel all of the emotions that come along with the process, you might find that you want to be sure you are handling things in the appropriate manner. The good news is that as maddening as the adoption process is at some points, the ultimate reward of adding a child to your family is priceless.

Do you know what it might cost to adopt a child?

Adopting a child can be an exciting step for families, and often one that is looked forward to for years. Whether this step has been planned for or is something that has suddenly come up due to a change in the family, understanding all options, legal requirements and costs can help ensure a more positive experience and outcome for the adoption.

Post-divorce financial lessons from those near retirement age

Getting divorced at any age puts a bit of a strain on your financial life. Even if you've planned well and have ample resources, suddenly splitting those resources in two at a time when other emotional stressers are occurring can be difficult. If you haven't planned ahead or don't have a good handle on your finances, divorce can throw everything wildly out of whack. This is especially true for individuals who experience divorce close to retirement, because they have less time to recover from the sudden shift.

Remember to keep the focus on your child in a custody case

When parents divorce, the children who still live at home are thrown into a new way of life. This can be difficult on the children. It is imperative that you try to get things settled for the child as quickly as possible so that the child can have some sense of stability. As we discussed last week, one option for doing this is by working with your ex to get the issues resolved.