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Fathers Have Rights · I Can Protect Them

Many people still assume that when a couple goes through a divorce, child custody will typically go to the mother. This is no longer the custom under the law. More and more, family law courts are recognizing the value of having both a stable mother and father in a child’s life. Child custody decisions are now based on a variety of other factors such as living arrangements, relocation and the child’s educational opportunities.

If you and your spouse are separating, work with an experienced divorce litigation lawyer. For a dad, nothing compares to having high-quality representation that protects the relationship he has with his children.

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Since opening my private practice, I, Stacy Albelais, have worked in family law matters in the Riverside, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga area. I have seen a wide range of family law issues come across my desk in that time but each of them has been provided close attention to detail and dedication.

I have had experience with fathers’ rights and family law issues in both my personal and professional life. My greatest success is founded on my ability to understand where my clients are coming from, address each of their unique needs, dispel the emotionally frustrating aspects of divorce and focus on reasonable problem-solving through the persistent pursuit of results in litigation.

Skill In Settlement Negotiation And Litigation

Being informed of your rights is the first step to resolving an issue. The next step is developing a plan of action to protect those rights. Whether we are determining paternity, skillfully negotiating child custody and visitation schedules or aggressively pursuing full custody, my emphasis is always on the best interest of my clients and the best interest of the child. These issues warrant the highest quality service and care through every stage of the legal process, no matter what legal strategies we use to get there.

Protecting You And Your Children In California Divorce Proceedings

Protecting the relationship a father has with his children is a job I take seriously. Schedule a free initial consultation with me to discuss your case one-on-one. I can be reached online or by telephone at 951-329-9340.

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