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October 2018 Archives

What is an attorney's retainer fee?

When you hire an attorney, freelancer, lawyer or another kind of professional consultant, it's common to pay a "retainer fee." This is not the total amount that you will pay the professional. In certain cases, you will pay less, and the professional will return the remainder of the retainer to you when the job is completed. In other cases, you will need to pay the professional more as they continue to work on your case.

Why do spouses need to pay alimony?

There are a variety of reasons why spouses need to pay alimony. For one, it could be the law that you or your spouse must pay alimony in your divorce case -- particularly if you've been married for an extended period of time and one spouse's capacity to earn an income is particularly less than the other's. Beyond the law, however, there's an important logic behind alimony laws.

Liberate yourself from domestic violence with a protective order

Many victims of domestic violence do not realize that they are being victimized. They are just too consumed by their relationship, and the hope that things will get better, and they can't get an objective read on the situation. In fact, it can take years of abuse before a victim wakes up to the fact that he or she has the right to protect him- or herself by leaving the relationship. Even then, once the decision has been made, it could be dangerous to try to leave a violent spouse.

Debts and your divorce: What you need to know

Imagine your husband or wife has a shopping addiction and last year he or she put an incredible $40,000 of debt on a personal credit card. The problem is, you're now getting a divorce and realizing that even though the card was in your spouse's name, that debt will likely be considered a part of the marital estate. As such, you could be shouldering some of that debt burden after the divorce has finalized.