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April 2019 Archives

Dishonesty is a major reason for divorce

Divorce does not always have to be dramatic. You hear plenty of stories about spouses who are unfaithful to the marriage, for instance, and that does lead to divorce, but most cases happen for far more "minor" reasons. One of those reasons is simply dishonesty.

Orders of restriction keep batterers from their California victim

According to Psychology Today, as many as 38 million American women may have suffered from domestic violence during some point in their lifetime. While threats of physical harm are well-known, technology has brought about new ways for abusers to inflict harm on the people that they batter. Domestic violence creates a lasting impression on victims.

Why should I take a DNA paternity test and how accurate is it?

If you've recently been told that you're the father of a child, then you may want to confirm your paternity before accepting parental responsibility. Before a Riverside judge will award you custody or order you to pay child support, they may ask you to take a DNA paternity test.

Mediation helps divorcing couples resolve difficult issues

By the time California spouses ultimately call to set up an appointment with a divorce attorney, they've often pulled out all the stops to try to save their marriage. Many have been hesitant to pull the plug on their marriage out of fear that negotiating a settlement with their ex will easily become a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. Those who envision this happening with them often find mediation to be a welcome alternative to a litigated divorce.