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Protecting You And Your Children In Child Custody Cases

In California, the presumption in child custody matters is to equally split legal custody rights between parents in divorce proceedings. This is true unless other issues (i.e., the child’s safety) are relevant to the decision.

Still, questions of the child’s primary residence (physical custody) must be determined, as well as visitation schedules and parenting plans. Even in the most cooperative divorces, these details should be clearly outlined and your best interests as an individual parent should be protected. One can never be certain when a dispute may arise after a divorce is final, and you need to have clear agreements in place to reduce conflicts in post-divorce matters.

By working with an experienced child custody attorney, you can best protect yourself, your loved ones and your relationship with your children during divorce proceedings and for many years afterward.

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As a family law and child custody lawyer, I provide people throughout Riverside, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas of California with the persistent and protective representation they need to preserve the most important relationship they have in their lives: the one with their children.

Every client I represent at my law firm, the office of Stacy Albelais, Attorney at Law, is given direct attention from me, so he or she can be sure each detail is addressed through comprehensive and caring counsel.

I take the time to inform my clients of the key issues that California law uses to determine how parental responsibilities should be shared such as:

  • Which households will serve as the primary and secondary residences for the children
  • Rotating custody arrangements and visitation schedules that best suit the children’s needs
  • Cooperative decision-making in terms of shared legal custody responsibilities (i.e., regarding the child’s education, health care and financial needs)

Even the most antagonistic child custody disputes should still be approached with level-headed decision-making. It is always best to explore options in a settlement negotiation when possible. Still, if that is not a feasible route to resolving your disputes, I will be prepared and capable when defending your best interests in court.

Schedule a free initial consultation with my office to discuss your case. I can be reached online or by telephone at 951-329-9340.

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