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Get Legal Protection From Domestic Violence And Neglect

Perhaps the most challenging issues of family law arise out of violence and neglect in the home. Loved ones are either not given the care they need, or are actively the subject of violent acts from their spouses, parents, children or even roommates.

The safety of families is my first priority. My law firm, the office of Stacy Albelais, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of California, helping them deal with challenges in family law. Drawing on my extensive experience with complex legal matters, I bring the highest caliber of knowledge and skill delivered with the advocacy that my clients need through these difficult times of their lives.

If your living situation is contentious and you need help protecting yourself and your loved ones, work with an experienced lawyer who can address your concerns with orders of restriction and domestic violence actions.

Protect Your Family Through Orders Of Restriction | Abogada Ordenes de Restriccion

Domestic violence and neglect can happen in any living situation, whether within married couples, dating couples or people who are just living together. It can arise out of one instance of aggressive behavior or an ongoing threat in the home.

The most challenging aspect of these cases is ascertaining the truth behind the violent act. While I am sensitive and protective over any victim of violence or neglect, I recognize that many cases involve false accusations or exaggerated situations.

Whether you are being accused of violent behavior or are fearful for your safety or the safety of your children, you need an attorney who will protect you to the fullest extent of the law. I can help you pursue orders of protection on a temporary basis for immediate concerns, or address ongoing threats to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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