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I am Stacy Albelais, a family law and divorce attorney serving the needs of clients whose lives have been dramatically influenced by contentious and complicated relationships in their personal lives.

My career in family law began in 1998 when I served as a paralegal for a respected California firm. Since then, I have discovered the value of developing direct relationships with my clients. I get to know them as people with unique goals and work to address those needs through confident, capable representation.

An Experienced California Attorney On Your Side

As a paralegal, I was able to see firsthand the struggles that my clients face, something that many attorneys do not see when they hand over administrative matters to their staff.

Today, as a family law and divorce lawyer, I retain these elements of service and compassion while aggressively standing up for my clients in settlements and litigation. I am dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care, respect and advocacy and delivering the most reliable, knowledgeable representation possible in every case.

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I can be reached online or by telephone at 951-329-9340.

La Licenciada Stacy Albelais es 100% bilingue en español.