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Establishing Paternity Is Important For Your Child

Families take many forms, from blended families with stepparents and stepsiblings to single parent households. No matter what your family looks like, your child can benefit from having a clear understanding of who his or her parents are.

Whether you are pursuing paternity results because of uncertainty over a child’s biological father, or are seeking legal enforcement of parental rights and responsibilities, contact my Riverside office, the law firm of Stacy Albelais, Attorney at Law.

I work with my clients directly, helping them pursue the establishment and enforcement of parental rights and responsibilities in paternity, adoption and guardianship matters.

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Stability and reliable parenting play a crucial role in how a child develops. I firmly believe that children deserve to be protected under the law and have a clear understanding of where they came from. To this end, I help my clients pursue paternity actions that provide children with:

  • A clear identity and sense of stability in their family history
  • Access to benefits like health insurance and Social Security
  • The collection of child support
  • Parents who have legal authority to make important decisions (i.e., regarding health care, education, financial need, etc.)

With vast experience in family law and first-hand knowledge of family law issues myself, I bring a unique perspective to these often sensitive issues. I know when to push back against opposing parties, and when to take a softer approach in negotiations.

If you are concerned about your child’s welfare and need to proceed with establishing paternity in California, I can help. Schedule a free initial consultation with my Riverside office to discuss your case. I can be reached online or by telephone at 951-329-9340.

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