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September 2018 Archives

Why you should always journal about your parenting time

Keeping a journal of your parenting activities is a great way to safeguard your parental rights. If the other parent challenges your parental rights in court by falsely accusing you of not being involved or being a negligent parent, you can use your parenting journal entries to prove your commitment and dedication to your children as one of their primary caretakers.

Was your divorce caused by jealousy?

Whether you're the jealous spouse or the victim of a jealous spouse, you probably don't feel entirely in control of the situation. Jealousy tends to be a knee-jerk, automatic and uncontrollable reaction. The first time a loved one erupts in a jealous fit of rage, it might be flattering to think that someone loves you so much. However, when it becomes a repeated and regular pattern, the spouse on the other end of the jealousy could eventually decide to call it quits.

Key issues for sharing parental responsibilities

Divorcing parents in California will need to address key points in their parenting plans to ensure that their co-parenting relationship is peaceful for many years to come. The problem is, every parent and child's situation is unique, so it's not always clear which points need to be addressed in a parenting plan. It takes training and experience in family law and divorce law issues to draft a well-crafted and lawful parenting agreement.

What alimony documents should alimony payers keep?

Whether you're the payer or the receiver of alimony, it's important to keep your documents organized and readily available in case an issue ever develops. Perhaps, for example, your spouse stops paying you alimony or doesn't pay the full amount you're owed -- your documents will help to prove that this has occurred. Alternatively, maybe you've been paying your alimony each month but the receiving spouse accuses you of not fulfilling your monthly obligations. Here, your documents will offer the proof to show you've adhered to your court orders.

Was infidelity the cause of your divorce?

When two people agree to get married, the general understanding is that they will remain faithful to one another in mind, body and emotions. This means, in very simple terms, no extramarital "affairs." The term "affairs" here is put in quotation marks because, although it generally refers to the concept of infidelity and adultery in a marriage, to some people, being unfaithful means very different things.