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March 2019 Archives

Negative effects not found in most children of divorce

The idea of staying together for thesake of the kids is an old one, and it's rooted in the thought that their parents' divorce is universally bad for children. It's going to have negative effects, parents tell themselves, so they can't end their marriages. If they do, they need to wait until the kids are out of the house.

Domestic violence victims should have a safety plan

If you suffer from domestic violence and you're planning to leave your partner, then you should be cautious about when, where and how you tell them that things are over. It's important to have a safety plan in place before you raise your partner's suspicions.

What does the background check for adoption in California entail?

If you're looking to adopt, then you've likely already begun researching what steps you must take to get the process started. You've likely found that California and every other state in the union require that you undergo a background check before a child will be placed into your Riverside home.

With kids, you still have a relationship with your ex

If you thought that your divorce was going to be a clean break and you would not have to deal with your ex anymore, you may want to reconsider that position if you have children. The two of you are still going to have a relationship, in all likelihood. There's just no way around it.

Legal custody decisions that a parent makes

Child custody in California addresses two key components: legal custody and physical custody. A right to physical custody is often what most people think of first. They want to know how often they get to have the child live with them, in their care. That schedule is a physical custody schedule.