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With all the preparation that goes into planning a wedding and marriage, it can be easy to overlook prenuptial agreements. And no one wants to think about the marriage ending, especially before it has begun. Prenuptial agreements, however, are a practical tool that can save a couple significant distress, money and time in the future.

I understand you probably have questions about whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you. You can come to the Riverside law office of Stacy Albelais, Attorney at Law, for answers. We will discuss your assets, debts, family law needs and goals. I will explain your options and we will talk about how a prenuptial agreement may benefit you and your soon-to-be spouse. Your consultation is free.

What Can A Prenuptial Agreement Do For You?

Many people assume prenuptial agreements are only for individuals or couples with a high net worth, but this is not true. People with modest incomes also find marital agreements beneficial.

A prenuptial agreement has numerous uses, including:

  • Specifying which assets will remain separate property
  • Setting aside assets for children from prior marriages
  • Making decisions about spousal support
  • Protecting one party from the debts and liabilities of the other

One additional benefit of prenuptial agreements is the opportunity to discuss these issues when you are in a good place in your relationship. If you do divorce, the tension and anger both of you will likely feel will make such decisions far more difficult.

To address these types of issues after you are married, I can draft a postnuptial agreement. Some couples choose these agreements when their financial situation changes after the marriage.

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