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Adoption And Guardianship Give Children The Support They Need

Family law issues influence every member of a family, from husband and wife to grandparents and children. In every situation, the welfare of children involved should always be a top priority.

My law firm, the office of Stacy Albelais, Attorney at Law, is devoted to meeting the needs of families who are struggling to care for children in cases of financial hardship, paternity actions, contentious divorces or disputes that involve threatening, abusive or violent behavior.

Over the course of my extensive legal career, I have handled a wide range of family law issues, delivering results with a focus on strategies that address the unique needs of every family while providing security and protection for my clients.

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Should I Adopt Or Pursue A Legal Guardianship In California?

In some circumstances, it is necessary for a family to use legal remedies that dictate who is responsible for caring for a child. Adoptions and guardianships are each employed differently to resolve these issues.

Adoption is ideal for situations where a biological parent’s rights can and should be permanently terminated, and the legal relationship for the adoptive parent(s) is the same as it would be for a birth family. An adopted child is able to inherit benefits from his or her adoptive parents in the same way he or she would from biological parents. This kind of relationship is not subject to supervision from the California court system.

Conversely, a guardianship is used in situations where a child’s biological parents retain parental rights and have contact with the child. Guardianships allow another individual (i.e., a grandparent, extended family member or someone else) the ability to legally care for a child when his or her biological parents are not able to. Guardianships are supervised by the court and can be terminated if and when a child’s biological parents can suitably care for the child again.

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