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Is an independent adoption risk-free?

When you want to adopt, one route you may choose is to have an independent adoption. There are risks to this kind of adoption, but there are benefits as well.

For one thing, you probably already realize that an independent adoption is likely to cost more than an adoption through public systems. However, there's a higher likelihood that you can know your adopted child before birth and even take part in the child's birth. Some birth parents choose independent adoptions so that they can choose the adoptive parents and have those parents take the child home directly instead of placing the child into foster care.

Modern dads: How are they different?

There's an outdated perspective that says, "Dads are better suited to be workers than the caretakers of children." However, this view is just as wrong as the outdated perspectives that continue to persist about women.

The truth is, when child custody orders permit it, modern dads make excellent caretakers. They're just as good as moms are when it comes to getting their kids ready for school, making school lunches, playing with dolls and going for outdoor adventures.

Borderline Personality Disorder can affect you after divorce

In some relationships, there are fathers who struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). While the disorder itself doesn't imply that a father is good or bad, it can mean that he faces some additional struggles. It's normal for someone with BPDs to have a primary attachment to his spouse and then to the child, instead of to the child and then the spouse.

That can create a problem in some cases. For instance, in a divorce, it's normal for a father with BPDs (fBPDs) to have a strong attachment to his spouse. When that spouse is no longer in the picture, the father may suddenly turn to the child and try to form an attachment that was previously not as strong.

Getting a restraining order: What you need

If your life is in danger or your feel you could be attacked in your own home, a restraining order might be the right choice for you. There are a few things you should know about restraining orders before you decide to get one.

Getting a restraining order is relatively easy. You have to fill out paperwork, go to a hearing and wait for a judge to determine if one is necessary. Prior to the court date, you may be granted a temporary restraining order immediately for your protection.

DNA has an important place in custody disputes

DNA is an important piece of evidence in child support and child custody cases. Without evidence of a child's father, it's not possible to hold him accountable for child support. Additionally, fathers without paternity rights may struggle to get enough time with their children, if they're able to see their children at all.

DNA is an important part of cases because it shows, close to without a doubt, who the father of the child is. If there is a question as to whether or not you are the parent of a child, this test clears up any concerns. DNA makes the difference between being a part of your child's life or having to go without being part of it.

Adoption is difficult, and here's a few reasons why

You want to adopt a child into your family, but you've been struggling to do so. It's frustrating and makes you angry at the system. These children need help, and they've sat waiting for many years.

Don't worry, you're not the only one feeling this way. It's difficult to adopt a child through foster care in California. Why? It's a lengthy process and the agencies aren't always working quickly to assess new foster parents or adoptive parents to place children with them.

Do dependents' rights change at age 14?

You may have heard that 14 is a cutoff age that decreases parents' rights and increases the rights of their children, their dependents.

In some popular iterations, this myth essentially states that kids who are 14 years old and older are allowed to do anything they like regarding a child custody arrangement. Parents are no longer allowed to make choices for them. 

Domestic violence: Guns make violent homes deadly

Living with domestic violence is a horrible situation for anyone to be in. It can mean being financially reliant on someone who is abusive to you. It can mean fearing for your life.

In Texas, there was a mass shooting in Sutherland Springs that brings up a good question about gun control and domestic violence. Is what's happening in the United States now enough to prevent similar situations?

Toxic partners and parents make divorce difficult

Co-parenting can be difficult even if you and your ex do get along, but if you don't, it's a true nightmare. Fortunately, one benefit of both of you being adults is that you can both be reasonable. Dealing with a toxic ex isn't always enjoyable, but by trying to be understanding and reasonable with him or her, you can become a better parent.

It's no secret that people get divorced for a reason (or several). You may no longer be able to hold a conversation with your ex without it devolving into an argument. When it comes to your kids, though, you have to be able to communicate. Although it's difficult, remember that it's okay only to talk to your ex when it's about your child and to move on. You don't have to respond to every text or phone call that has nothing to do with your child.

Founder of Families Now reads list of foster children in capitol

When you think about foster care, you may not be quite sure about adopting through it. Some myths of foster care include that children are unstable or have been victims of violence. Myths suggest that all children in foster care act out or are aggressive or dangerous. People believe that these children have challenges with their behaviors and may be hard to house.

The truth is that every child is different, and they need to be seen as individuals. Even the most difficult children need love and attention; many are difficult because they've been through hard times and need to balance and love of a permanent home.