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March 2018 Archives

Victims of violence can seek a protective order

If you're a victim of domestic violence, one of the things you may want to know is what kind of legal protections there are for you. The most common protection is a protective order. This is an order that requires the accused abuser to stay away from you, your home, your school and your workplace.

Mediation helps you plan for your child's future

As a parent, you want to spend as much time with your child as you can. With an impending divorce, you know that the dynamic of your relationship is going to change. You want to do everything you can to prevent your child from feeling like you don't love or care about him or her. You want to make sure you get enough time together.

Divorcing young: What to expect

Sometimes, it's hard to be a young adult. You may struggle with the early days of your career or start a family and learn what it means to face true exhaustion. Some people get married, and others decide that their marriages aren't right for them.

Abandoning the home: What you need to know about divorce

Coming from Mexico, you're probably familiar with what happens when people abandon their homes and family for a divorce. Under Mexican law, a man who leaves his wife may be liable for her income for the rest of her life, even though he no longer wants to stay married.