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June 2018 Archives

When addiction leads to divorce

Just because one spouse is struggling with an addiction problem doesn't mean that it will lead to the destruction of the marriage. However, addiction -- be it to drugs, alcohol, pills or something else -- does cause approximately 7.3 percent of divorces in the United Sates. If you're struggling with a spouse who has an addiction problem, you may be considering divorce, but it won't be an easy decision.

Can potential guardians become ineligible?

You never want to see your child with someone dangerous, but there's also little to no way to know everything about another person. As someone who is now looking into taking on the guardianship of a child, you should know that there are actually steps in place to prevent injuries to children by reviewing the history of the potential guardian.

Asian-Americans face struggles when escaping abuse

Survivors of domestic abuse often have difficulties ahead of them, but one group that is often overlooked is that of Asian survivors. Many of these survivors are women, and they have special hurdles because of stereotypes and other problems obtaining assistance.

When can your child decide on his or her custody arrangements?

One thing you've always feared is that your child would choose to change the custody arrangements in place once he or she got old enough. At 14, the state will listen to what your child has to say and take it very seriously. However, keep in mind that it doesn't mean your child will get what he or she wants.