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October 2019 Archives

What should I do if I can't care for my child in California?

There are times when a Riverside parent may feel as if they're unable to adequately raise their child, whether it's for health, financial or other reasons. In such cases, they may wish to hand over custody to a relative temporarily while they get well or back on their feet. It's ideal if a parent voluntarily does this. A California guardianship action can be initiated without their consent though.

Domestic violence victims can lose custody of their kids

Studies published by the American Bar Association during the last few years have highlighted how many individuals who engage in domestic violence attempt to intimidate their victims by telling them that they'll have their kids taken away if they ever walk away from their relationship. These types of threats often increase after the victim drums up the courage to leave their abusive relationship.

You need to have a divorce plan in place long before you file

From the way that the media depicts divorce, you might imagine that the average person makes a snap decision one day and marches off to file for the end of their marriage. While some people certainly do reach a breaking point from which there is no return, it is also common for a marriage to die a slow death from a thousand tiny wounds or minor offenses.

You don't have to accept paying alimony long-term

Last month, a southern California man, who'd previously been ordered to pay $1,000 in alimony each month to his ex-wife for the rest of his life, decided to try to do something to improve both his and other spouses' plights. That Huntington Beach man decided to introduce a ballot initiative aimed at changing California's spousal support laws. Should voters accept it, it would pave the way for lifetime spousal support awards to be reduced to just five years.

What should I know about adopting a child as a single person?

Contrary to popular belief, adoption isn't just an option for wealthy, married people. Single individuals are increasingly deciding to take on the responsibility of adopting and raising kids on their own here in California and across the United States.

What is the best custody arrangement if I have an infant?

It can be stressful introducing a baby into the mix when your marriage is already on the rocks. Sadly, the stresses that come with sleepless nights, teething and other considerations that come with being a new mom or dad often leads new parents to file for divorce. If you're considering divorcing and wondering how to best handle visitation with your infant, then there are some factors to consider as you negotiate custody with your soon-to-be-ex.