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July 2019 Archives

Financial literacy slows domestic violence rates

It's a story that many victims of domestic violence tell once they finally break free from their abusers. Many of them were held captive, not allowed to interact with others or to have access to any money. Others were forced to work and have their pay deposited into their abuser's account. Most never had access to funds. This made it hard for them to get up and walk away from their toxic relationships.

A move from the marital home can affect your child custody case

When a spouse realizes that their marriage is over, they often don't want to put off their inevitable move from the family home. They instead want to get the process over with right away. Many husbands and wives leave their kids behind with the other parent when they do this. They do so based on the assumption that their ex will be amenable to them continuing to interact with their kids as they please. This scenario often doesn't work out this way though.

Parents need to have certain personality attributes to adopt

Many people have dreamt of becoming a parent but struggle to conceive on their own. Some individuals may not have considered having children but are touched by a particular child's story. Both of these situations may motivate someone to want to adopt a son or daughter here in California. Anyone looking to move forward with the adoption process should have certain personality attributes to do so.

Millennials: Having separate accounts doesn't help if you divorce

One of the first things that couples used to do as soon as they got married was to combine their money into a single account. While they likely did this in large part to prove that "what's mine is yours," younger couples are avoiding doing this nowadays. Many of them aren't doing this in hopes that they won't have to give up their money if they get divorced. Some legal experts warn that things don't work out exactly that way though.