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The Restorative Justice Project aims to end domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Domestic Violence And Neglect

Many domestic violence victims attempt to break free from their abuser numerous times, yet are often wooed back by their ex soon after they do. The Restorative Justice Project (RJP) was recently launched in California in hopes of curbing domestic violence disputes.

The RJP was developed as help victims of sexual and intimate partner violence and their abusers resolve their differences. This alternative resolution program was created to encourage more survivors to seek out help.

They noted that before RJP existed, too few victims turned to the criminal justice system to report their abuse. The violence continued as a result. While some victims obtained orders of restriction, many didn’t feel a sense of security after doing so.

The RJP champions rehabilitation for those already locked up as well as those prone to criminal activity. It provides them with a type of alternative or transformative justice in hopes of keeping them out of jail. It empowers the victim to choose how their case is handled instead of leaving such decisions up to law enforcement.

Advocates for this type of criminal justice reform argue that this approach is particularly attractive for Hispanic, Asian and Black Californians. Many of these individuals fear police and therefore don’t report crimes that happen to them. They don’t do it because they don’t want to be required to go live at a shelter.

This approach to addressing domestic violence seems to be beneficial for all. Researchers note that men who have long been abusers can benefit from taking part in RJP. They say that it allows them to identify their past trauma and to take the appropriate steps to heal from it. It equips them with the necessary expertise to identify why they engage in violent behavior and the necessary tools to curb it.

They point out that when abusers can do all this without fear of police getting involved, it results in better outcomes for all parties involved.

If you are being abused, then you should get help. Minor injuries can quickly become major ones. Your abuser may even kill you.You shouldn’t take any chances. A domestic violence and neglect attorney can point you in the right direction if you’re unsure who to talk to in Riverside. They can also advise you of your right to protect your family through orders of restriction.