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November 2018 Archives

No one can force you to stay in an unhappy marriage

People decide to end their marriages for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, couples just grow apart as they get older. Other times, one spouse becomes unfaithful and damages the relationship beyond the point of saving it. Couples can also experience issues related to substance abuse, gambling, video game addiction and even spousal or child abuse.

What's involved in adopting my spouse's child in California?

If the husband or wife of a child's custodial parent wishes to adopt their son or daughter, then this process is referred to as a stepparent adoption. The California Department of Social Services generally requires for a couple to have been married at least one year before taking this step. The stepparent must fill out forms, undergo an investigation and attend a hearing in front of a judge before the adoption is approved.

You can escape domestic violence if you seek help

Domestic violence is nothing more than a type of control one person uses over another. It could be physical violence, financial control or emotional abuse. It is well-understood that it is destructive behavior that harms not only the people directly involved but also those who witness it.

Enjoy visitation time with your kids by exploring their interests

As a noncustodial parent, it's hard to see the smiling faces of your children when you pick them up on visitation day, because you know how badly they've missed you. It's even harder to say good-bye to them after dropping them off at the other parent's home.

3 common child custody questions

If you're in the throes of a contentious divorce and child custody process, you probably have a lot of questions -- and divorce misconceptions -- running through your mind. These questions will probably be imbued with hurt feelings, even anger, at the way your spouse has treated you during your breakup. With this in mind, here are three common child custody questions for which litigants sometimes don't have clear answers: