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May 2019 Archives

What consent is needed to effectuate a California adoption?

If you've considered adopting a child, then you've likely heard the word "consent" used quite a bit. The parent or agency responsible for a child must relinquish their rights to a minor before the adoption process can move forward.

Don't fall for any common divorce myths

There are many myths that surround divorces in this country. Often, people don't realize that each state has its own laws regarding divorce, child custody and child support. This means that what worked for a friend in another state won't necessarily work for you. Instead, you need to learn about the specific ways that California laws will impact your case.

What should you do if you're a victim of paternity fraud?

When children are born to unmarried parents, the parentage of the mother is automatically presumed. There's no implied paternity for fathers, though. It's generally necessary for a man to take a DNA test to prove that he is indeed the father of a child. It's possible for a mother to simply place her male partner's name on a birth certificate in some cases. If the name is incorrect, problems can ensue.

Is there any benefit to taking out an order of protection?

If you turn on the news, you're bound to hear about a case of domestic violence that turns deadly. Some victims are killed because their abuser violates a restraining order, known as an order of protection in California. In cases like this, you may wonder if taking out an order of protection really does any good.

How common is same-sex couple adoption in the United States?

Data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010 showed that there were just under 600,000 same-sex couple households that year. At least 115,000 of them reported having children. The number of kids who live with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) parents has increased significantly since then.