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It’s important that teens are adopted

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Adoption And Guardianship

When people hear about adoption, they often think of newborns. Parents often give up their babies because they’re either too young or are lacking the financial means to adequately take care for them. Older kids including teens who’ve been bounced around to different foster homes need loving homes to take them in though as well.

Teens’ lives can easily spiral out of control if they’re not adopted before they age out of the foster care system. If they haven’t found a loving home by the time the government’s dominion over them runs out, then they may end up homeless begging on the streets. They may be forced into selling drugs or prostituting themselves just to survive.

Those teens who are fortunate enough to be adopted into loving homes often look back on the past trauma that they previously endured differently. They tend to have a more profound love for the parents that took them out of their misery. Their adoption tends to give them a new outlook on life.

Most prospective parents can see themselves taking on the responsibility for a younger child because they’re still growing. They often think that they still can make an impact in their lives. Older children can be just as impressionable as younger ones though. Even though teens may seem to have things under control, they still desire to feel wanted and to have stability in their lives.

There’s no single approach to parenting. Someone may think that they wouldn’t be a good mom or dad because they’ve never been a parent. This may play to their advantage though. This may be particularly refreshing to a teen who’s at that age where they like to push boundaries.

Any parent who takes on the responsibility of raising any child should be prepared to raise them then watch from afar as they live their own life. Since a mom or dad raising a newly-adopted teen has little time to equip their child for adulthood, it’s important that they’re resilient, strong and diligent in their efforts to shepherd them through adolescence.

The process inolved in adopting a child varies by jurisdiction. If you’re considering taking on the responsibility of raising a child in California, then an adoption and guardianship attorney in Riverside can help you determine whether you can give children the support that they need.