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January 2017 Archives

Working out a child custody agreement with your ex

Working with your ex to determine what is going to be included in the child custody agreement isn't something that is going to be easy; however, it is sometimes the best option since both of you know your child. Using alternative dispute resolution methods might help you and your ex to determine these points.

How is child support calculated in California?

For parents getting divorced, it's hard to avoid thinking about child support. If you think you'll be the one paying child support, you may worry whether you'll be able to afford it. And if you think you'll be the one receiving child support, you may worry about whether it will be enough.

How might getting a divorce impact your credit score?

Most people work very hard to get their credit score up to a good rating. The last thing that you want is for someone else to wreck your hard work. If you are going through a divorce and have joint accounts with your ex, that is exactly what might happen. You should prepare yourself to take a hit to your credit score, and you should be ready to take proactive steps to try to prevent that impact from occurring.

Make a plan and prepare when filing for divorce after abuse

In our previous couple of blogs, we discussed domestic violence and some of the points you should know about that very frightening situation. We covered what actions are considered domestic violence and how domestic violence can impact a child custody case. Those are only some of the issues that victims of domestic violence have to think about.

Know what is considered domestic violence

Even though many movies and television shows portray domestic violence as being physical, this isn't always the case in the real world. It is possible for you to be the victim of domestic violence without your partner or spouse ever putting a hand on you.