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February 2019 Archives

You don't need to assign fault in a California divorce

Divorce used to be much less common than it is today. One of the reasons fewer people got divorced was that you used to have to establish fault or grounds for a divorce. Essentially, one spouse would need to demonstrate to the courts that the other spouse violated the marriage vows in a way that made the relationship irreparable. Getting rid of fault in divorces made the whole process simpler.

Mediation can work for those who struggle to settle their divorce

If you and your spouse have kids, own a home or share other assets, then it's likely that settling your divorce isn't going to go as smoothly as you may hope it would. If you and your ex are having trouble reaching a compromise, then mediation may be an ideal way for you to resolve your differences without having to spend a lot of time or fork out a lot of money litigating personal matters in a courtroom.

Do I need an attorney to adopt my friend's child in California?

Adoptions that occur between birth and adoptive parents who already are friends are referred to as independent adoptions because they don't involve a California state agency or a private one placing the child. While some jurisdictions allow consenting parties to handle the adoption of a child via this process without using the services of an agency or even an attorney, it's not the best idea if you want to make sure that everything is done right.