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July 2018 Archives

When could a parent lose his or her parental rights?

Most parents want to spend as much time as possible with their children, but sometimes a parent's behavior will interfere with the best interests and health of the child. In these circumstances, no matter how much the potentially dangerous parent may wish to see his or her child, a court may choose to strip the parent of his or her parental, custody and visitation rights.

What are the negatives of a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can be helpful to spouses who later decide to get a divorce. While most people focus on the potential positives of such an agreement, however, spouses need to consider the potential disadvantages as well before they make the decision to draft and execute their prenups.

Was your divorce triggered by a communication breakdown?

Sitting at the dining room table across from your spouse shouldn't be a silent affair unless that's the kind of relationship both of you want. While some spouses may be content with silence, most relationships require meaningful and honest conversations to flourish. Through honest and heartfelt communication, spouses learn about one another's concerns and how they can best fulfill each other's needs in the relationship. When this kind of communication can't be achieved, it could lead to the end of the marriage.

Don’t confuse the different kinds of child custody

Many parents don't know that there are actually two kinds of child custody: (1) physical custody and (2) legal custody. As such, when an offer for "joint custody" is made, they won't understand what that offer entails until they determine the type of joint custody the offer includes.

You have to pay child support, but it should be reasonable

If you and your ex share children, one of the most difficult aspects of a separation and divorce is the process of figuring out the best way to handle custody and parental responsibilities. Financial contributions are one of the most important parental responsibilities in any family. After all, children require housing, health care and school supplies in addition to toys and other items that make life enjoyable.