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You can escape domestic violence if you seek help

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

Domestic violence is nothing more than a type of control one person uses over another. It could be physical violence, financial control or emotional abuse. It is well-understood that it is destructive behavior that harms not only the people directly involved but also those who witness it.

Domestic violence primarily involves women as victims, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t be victimized. In reality, there are staggering numbers of men and women who have suffered at the hands of their partners or spouses.

What should you do if you’re a victim of domestic abuse?

Your goal has to be to get to safety. Whether that means moving out and in with someone the batterer doesn’t know or turning to the police for a temporary protective order, the first step is to get help.

Next, realize that this form of abuse is not legal. The police may step in and arrest anyone for physical abuse. Emotional and financial abuse may be harder to prove, but if you have documentation, it’s possible to show that you’ve been under the control of another person despite your best efforts.

Everyone deserves to be safe when they go home. They deserve to be safe at work and when out with friends. If you’re being stalked, harassed or controlled by your spouse, you need to speak up and work with your attorney to end this dangerous situation. Your safety, as well as the safety of family members, children and others, could be at risk. A temporary restraining or protective order could be the right choice in your situation.