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Was infidelity the cause of your divorce?

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

When two people agree to get married, the general understanding is that they will remain faithful to one another in mind, body and emotions. This means, in very simple terms, no extramarital “affairs.” The term “affairs” here is put in quotation marks because, although it generally refers to the concept of infidelity and adultery in a marriage, to some people, being unfaithful means very different things.

Here are two types of infidelity, i.e., two types of “affairs,” that could bring a marriage to end in a heartbeat:

Sexual infidelity

We’ll mention sexual infidelity first because it is the most obvious desecration of marriage. While some spouses have special arrangements and understanding and have what some call an “open marriage” in which they are permitted to have other partners, people who marry have the right to demand sexual fidelity. In other words, your spouse should not engage in any conduct of a sexual nature with another person. If he or she does, it’s well within your right to demand an immediate divorce.

Emotional infidelity

Another type of infidelity is known as an “emotional affair.” Essentially, this happens when one spouse begins to confide in deeply emotional and intimate ways with another person. This can result in a rift between you and your spouse. Although people have different views and opinions on this topic, for some spouses, emotional infidelity is just as bad as sexual infidelity and such behavior has brought many marriages to a close.

The worst part of infidelity is the way it can interfere with a couple’s ability to trust one another. There are ways to regain trust in a marriage through counseling and therapy, but sometimes, both spouses realize that they would prefer to part and go their separate ways. If your marriage is “done,” you have the legal right to divorce and begin a new chapter in your life.