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Was your divorce caused by jealousy?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Whether you’re the jealous spouse or the victim of a jealous spouse, you probably don’t feel entirely in control of the situation. Jealousy tends to be a knee-jerk, automatic and uncontrollable reaction. The first time a loved one erupts in a jealous fit of rage, it might be flattering to think that someone loves you so much. However, when it becomes a repeated and regular pattern, the spouse on the other end of the jealousy could eventually decide to call it quits.

Here are five signs that jealousy could be driving one spouse to make the difficult decision to divorce:

A breakdown of communication

Jealousy is often irrational and unfounded, and for this reason, the other spouse may simply give up trying to argue. This can lead to a complete communication breakdown in which even simple things are difficult to discuss.

Giving up

When no one is trying to resolve the problem of jealousy anymore, acceptance has set in. This acceptance could lead to a divorce if the other spouse feels like there will never be an end to the drama.

Seeking comfort from others

The other spouse could need to find comfort from other people to fulfill a sense of safe companionship and enjoyment. This is a sign that the marital bonds are loosening.

Not wanting to spend time with one another

As the couple grows apart, the spouses may find excuses not to spend time with one another, and this would be another clear signal that divorce is nigh.

If jealousy or some other reason has led to the decision to end your marriage, take care to divorce peacefully and respectfully. This will save you from a tremendous amount of heartache and unnecessary spending in the long run.