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What should I know about adopting a child as a single person?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Adoption And Guardianship

Contrary to popular belief, adoption isn’t just an option for wealthy, married people. Single individuals are increasingly deciding to take on the responsibility of adopting and raising kids on their own here in California and across the United States.

As you research single adoptions a little more, you’re likely to discover that many agencies have preferences for placing children in two-parent homes. Many of them prefer to do this because they’ve read the research that emphasizes how raising a child in a home with two parents is better than raising them with just one. It’s best that you don’t let this belief deter you though.

If you can prove to them that you’re more than capable of raising a child on your own, then you may just win that adoption agency over. You may want to show that you have the necessary financial resources and support system in place to succeed in raising a child.

Even if an adoption agency has a preference for placing a child in a home with two parents, they may allow for exceptions to their own rule. They may especially do this if they can’t find a suitable two-parent home for a child. If they struggle in doing this, then they may decide to call on you to take them in.

If you’re in a romantic relationship with a partner, then they may be happy to place a child with the two of you if you can show that you have a stable relationship and home and that you’re both open to adoption.

Single individuals may have to work a bit harder in finding an agency that will allow them to adopt a child. The complexities involved in identifying an agency that will do so shouldn’t stop you from moving forward in the process though. An adoption and guardianship attorney can guide you through the adoption process in hopes of helping you build the family that you envisioned for yourself here in Riverside.