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Mediation helps divorcing couples resolve difficult issues

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Divorce

By the time California spouses ultimately call to set up an appointment with a divorce attorney, they’ve often pulled out all the stops to try to save their marriage. Many have been hesitant to pull the plug on their marriage out of fear that negotiating a settlement with their ex will easily become a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. Those who envision this happening with them often find mediation to be a welcome alternative to a litigated divorce.

Many Riverside spouses who end up pursuing mediation do so in hopes of avoiding the often-traumatic and expensive litigation process. They also pursue this approach to resolving their differences because it allows them both an opportunity to voice their concerns and to help draft their own settlement. Hostility among spouses is often less during mediation. This can result in less conflict between exes post-divorce.

Mediation is an ideal option for parents who are struggling to resolve child custody disputes to pursue. They often are able to reach decisions about visitation and support far more quickly in medication than they can accomplish in a courtroom.

Couples that are having difficulty in reaching an agreement about alimony or property division may also benefit from trying to mediate their divorce. If they pursue litigation, then their financial affairs often become part of a public record. Most issues discussed in mediation remain private. Only the final settlement gets filed with the court.

Mediation isn’t the ideal choice for everyone though. If your ex has a history of abuse, then little may be accomplished during sessions. This is especially the case if the other party is scared to voice their concerns.

Highly complex financial matters may necessitate a forensic accountant being brought in or may ultimately have to be resolved by a judge.

If you’ve decided to walk away from your marriage, then you’ll want to align yourself with a divorce attorney that will fight for your interests and your kids’ interests. It may seem impossible to resolve your differences with your spouse without a fight. However, with the right lawyer, you can get through divorce and perhaps find yourself on good terms with your ex in the end.