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3 reasons why people divorce: Does one of these apply to you?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Divorce

It’s probably impossible to pinpoint an exact reason for every couple’s divorce. However, there are three common reasons that divorce attorneys hear from their clients. They are adultery, addiction and abuse.

1) Adultery

Most spouses assume when they decide to get married that the relationship is exclusive. In other words, spouses will not be having sexual relations or even intimate nonsexual contact with other people. In cases where one spouse is unwilling or unable to maintain this “sacred” exclusivity, the other spouse will often decide to bring the marriage to a close. If your spouse is being unfaithful, you have every right to end your marriage.

2) Addiction

Dealing with anyone who has an addiction to substances like alcohol, pharmaceuticals or illegal drugs can be challenging. It can also be financially difficult if the addicted spouse is unable to hold down a job. If your spouse is causing a drain on your psychological well-being and your pocketbook, it could be wise to consider whether the marriage (and your happiness) are worth it. Ultimately, no one can stop an addict from using until they’re ready and you could be making the matter worse by supporting, i.e., “enabling” your addicted spouse.

3) Abuse of any kind

Abuse comes in a wide variety of forms. It can be psychological, physical or more intimate in nature. Unfortunately, many people who are abused also love their abusers and this can cause conflicting feelings and make it extremely difficult for them to leave the relationship. Abuse victims could also be fearful of retribution and violence against them if they choose to leave. Fortunately, the police are there to help. No one has to put up with a situation like this.

At our California family law firm, we know that the decision to end your marriage will never be easy. One thing that helps, however, is to understand what you’re getting into before you file. We can help you evaluate your situation to understand your legal rights and options.