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Was your divorce triggered by a communication breakdown?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Sitting at the dining room table across from your spouse shouldn’t be a silent affair unless that’s the kind of relationship both of you want. While some spouses may be content with silence, most relationships require meaningful and honest conversations to flourish. Through honest and heartfelt communication, spouses learn about one another’s concerns and how they can best fulfill each other’s needs in the relationship. When this kind of communication can’t be achieved, it could lead to the end of the marriage.

Here are two examples of communication issues that may lead to divorce:

Communication is rude, conflictive, argumentative and toxic: Have you ever been around a couple that can’t stop arguing and bickering? It seems like every word out of each spouse’s mouth is a criticism, a complaint or an emotional jab that soon expands into a full-blown argument. If you’re in a toxic communication pattern like this, it’s time to break the cycle. In some cases, the only way to make this pattern stop is by ending your marriage once and for all.

Communication is nonexistent: Some couples would much rather ignore the elephant in the room than look at it, take it outside and give it some air. The longer an important issue is ignored, however, the more difficult the problem becomes. Imagine what it would be like to have an elephant in your living room. The longer it’s there, the more mess it will make until, eventually, you might have to move out of the house for good.

If you and your spouse are having communication problems, you may find that those communication issues make your divorce more difficult. Through the aid of a professional divorce mediator, you may be able to improve communication enough to ensure you can peacefully reach an agreement regarding your divorce settlement.