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Asian-Americans face struggles when escaping abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

Survivors of domestic abuse often have difficulties ahead of them, but one group that is often overlooked is that of Asian survivors. Many of these survivors are women, and they have special hurdles because of stereotypes and other problems obtaining assistance.

For those who come to America to escape abuse, they often face a stereotype of coming here as prostitutes when that couldn’t be further from reality. Others face stereotypes of being “cute” or childish, even though they’re adults and in need of help in the form of food stamps and financial support.

Asian-Americans struggle with this treatment, along with the “model minority” myth. That myth is that all Asians are well-off and successful. While that is certainly a reality for a few, it doesn’t describe everyone. The statistics show that approximately 55 percent of Asian women put up with sexual violence or intimate partner abuse during their lives, but since there is the assumption that they are well off, there is a conflict in understanding the reality of the situation.

Language is another barrier in the United States. While Spanish and English are spoken frequently, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian languages aren’t as common. This can make it hard for individuals to get the help they need due to misunderstandings.

Attorneys are well-versed in situations like this and capable of helping those who face difficulties in the benefits system or with the authorities. Good representation can help you get whatever kind of help you need after you escape violence. It is your right as a person in America to be protected by law.

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