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Remember to keep the focus on your child in a custody case

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

When parents divorce, the children who still live at home are thrown into a new way of life. This can be difficult on the children. It is imperative that you try to get things settled for the child as quickly as possible so that the child can have some sense of stability. As we discussed last week, one option for doing this is by working with your ex to get the issues resolved.

It isn’t always easy to work with your ex on child custody matters, but being willing to do so now might help to set the right tone for your future interactions. We will be here to act as a go-between to try to get these matters resolved if you and your ex don’t want to communicate directly.

Because child custody matters can be intense and complex, it is important that you get all of the issues covered in the agreement. What has to be decided depends on the age and needs of your child. This can include making plans for school vacations, extracurricular activities, health care and education decisions.

In all child custody cases, it sometimes becomes necessary to reevaluate the agreement and modify it because the child’s needs and your circumstances have changed. We can even help you to learn about how to seek a modification and work through it so that you can get the issues settled as quickly as possible.

Throughout the child custody process, you have to put your child’s needs first. Remembering this can help you keep the focus where it belongs, even if your ex is being difficult.