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Employees in some professions are more apt to divorce than others

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Personalities can clash and life events can happen that make all of us vulnerable to getting divorced. A look at census data shows that some people are more are likely to split up depending on what field they work in.

Three among 10 of the top professions spouses may hold that may put them at risk of divorce are military ones.

Some 15 percent of service members, regardless of their rank, are at risk of divorce. Of those soldiers who work with air weapons or in tactical operations, 17 percent of them are likely to see their marriage come to an end while on active duty. At least 30 percent of those enlisted as first-line military supervisors are also at risk for divorce. At least 18 percent of those who work in logistics organizing a company’s supply chain get divorced. All of those careers are high-stress occupations, which may lead to tension at home.

Analysts believe that one of the reasons that 17 percent of auto mechanics’ marriages fail is because they are paid far too little for what they do. Their annual salary is $39,550.

Those who work as library assistants, in food service, chemical research and testing and caring for animals all have a divorce rate of 15 percent. Analysts point to low pay as the reason why those working in libraries and food service get divorced. Individuals who care for animals often report feeling exhausted, something that may leave them with a short fuse when dealing with their spouse.

Diagnostic and engineering technicians each have a divorce rate of 14 percent. Shift work during the night, weekends and holidays can make those working in the healthcare industry more vulnerable to divorce. Engineers often find themselves traveling around, which can equally put a strain on their marriage.

Divorcing couples who work with an experienced lawyer may resolve their differences amicably without having to spend much time in the courtroom. There are some issues that may arise that require litigation though. In those instances, it’s critical for you to select a divorce attorney who is highly accessible to answer your questions and who is focused on providing you with representation that meets your specific needs.