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Child adoption agency goes bankrupt, leaves families struggling

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

There is little more tragic than not being able to bring home a child you’ve waited for during the long adoption process. Normally, at the end of the program, you’re able to have home visits and to see your child placed in your arms. Sometimes, these programs go bankrupt or close, but that should not excuse their actions.

In California, a highly respected child adoption agency suddenly shut down after announcing bankruptcy. The problem with this is that the families had already paid hundreds if not thousands to the facility that was intended to help them bring a child home.

One couple struggled with the news and talked to reporters about the email that told them the adoption would not be completed. The couple had not been able to conceive, and now the $15,000 loan used to pay for home studies, screenings, background checks and other necessities could be lost.

The bankruptcy trustee aims to get the directors to pay back the families who have lost out on this. One director had allegedly been paid $181,000 in salaries over just a few months prior to the bankruptcy itself. The board president admitted to knowing that the company was struggling.

The family interviewed claims that the agency knew it was in trouble when it took their last $2,400 in December 2016. Despite this, it continued forward and has made no refunds to the families.

Situations like this are unacceptable. If you’ve been taken advantage of by an adoption agency, you have rights. Your attorney can help you move forward and get back on the path to adoption in the future.

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