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Can states restrict who can adopt based on religion?

A Texas law that allows child welfare providers to halt and deny adoptions to same-sex parents based on the providers' religious beliefs is a discriminatory law that doesn't sit well with other states. One in particular, California, has now banned state-funded travel to Texas as a way of showing its support to the families the law denies.

Your attorney can help you get the guardianship rights you seek

As someone who wants to become a guardian to a child, it's important that you have your attorney there to help you along the way. The process is complicated, and most people make mistakes without professional help. Additionally, there are tasks that need to be completed, like contacting relatives of a child before you can obtain guardianship rights.

Child adoption agency goes bankrupt, leaves families struggling

There is little more tragic than not being able to bring home a child you've waited for during the long adoption process. Normally, at the end of the program, you're able to have home visits and to see your child placed in your arms. Sometimes, these programs go bankrupt or close, but that should not excuse their actions.

Adoption: Parental rights must be terminated

There's nothing quite as exciting as finally starting the adoption process when you're ready to add to your family. There are steps that have to take place before an adoption can occur, though. One of those steps is to make sure the parental rights of the child's birth parents have been terminated.

Know what the adoption process entails so you are more prepared

The adoption process is one that is stressful, beautiful, difficult and enriching. As you go through the process and feel all of the emotions that come along with the process, you might find that you want to be sure you are handling things in the appropriate manner. The good news is that as maddening as the adoption process is at some points, the ultimate reward of adding a child to your family is priceless.

Do you know what it might cost to adopt a child?

Adopting a child can be an exciting step for families, and often one that is looked forward to for years. Whether this step has been planned for or is something that has suddenly come up due to a change in the family, understanding all options, legal requirements and costs can help ensure a more positive experience and outcome for the adoption.

Who can become a legal guardian or adoptive parent?

Do you live in the state of California? Are you interested in becoming a legal guardian or adoptive parent? If you answered yes to both questions, you must become familiar with the legal system that is currently in place. This will go a long way in helping you understand your rights and the steps you need to take.