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Is adopting a teen a viable option?

Adopting a teen might seem difficult, but it's one of the kindest things an adoptive parent can choose. Teens are often seen as individuals who can't change or who have been damaged by the foster care system, but that isn't the case. Sadly, as a result of the unfair stereotypes, teens often go without being adopted and age out of the system. Many teens simply want to find a family who will love and care for them, even if it's only for a few years until they're old enough to go to college or live independently.

Guardianships: Giving children someone to rely on

If there is a reason that a child cannot live with his or her parents, then a guardian may be appointed or chosen for the child. A guardian is a person who takes care of the child in a variety of ways, from managing the child's finances to providing medical care, food and education. Guardianship can end if a judge determines it is not longer necessary in those cases.

Why is it hard to adopt in California?

If you want to adopt, one of the ways you can do so is through the foster care system. Some people believe that this is one of the most difficult ways to adopt, and it can be depending on the child and his or her circumstances. One major hurtle in California comes down to funding, though. If the agencies are not funded well, it can be hard to get a hold of the people you need to talk to for the finalization of adoption or to become a foster parent.

Same-sex couples have the right to adopt

Adoption may be the only way that you want to grow your family. If that's the decision you've made, you deserve the right to apply to become an adoptive parent. You might think you will struggle due to being homosexual or involved in a same-sex relationship, but the truth is that children can thrive in a number of different circumstances as long as they are part of a loving home.

Can single individuals adopt?

As a single person, you may feel that adoption is the one chance you have at bringing a child into your life. Maybe you're not prepared to wait any longer for a long-term partner, or perhaps you're just ready to bring a child into your life and plan to stay a single parent. Whatever the reason is, there are ways to adopt as a single person.

Can states restrict who can adopt based on religion?

A Texas law that allows child welfare providers to halt and deny adoptions to same-sex parents based on the providers' religious beliefs is a discriminatory law that doesn't sit well with other states. One in particular, California, has now banned state-funded travel to Texas as a way of showing its support to the families the law denies.

Your attorney can help you get the guardianship rights you seek

As someone who wants to become a guardian to a child, it's important that you have your attorney there to help you along the way. The process is complicated, and most people make mistakes without professional help. Additionally, there are tasks that need to be completed, like contacting relatives of a child before you can obtain guardianship rights.

Child adoption agency goes bankrupt, leaves families struggling

There is little more tragic than not being able to bring home a child you've waited for during the long adoption process. Normally, at the end of the program, you're able to have home visits and to see your child placed in your arms. Sometimes, these programs go bankrupt or close, but that should not excuse their actions.

Adoption: Parental rights must be terminated

There's nothing quite as exciting as finally starting the adoption process when you're ready to add to your family. There are steps that have to take place before an adoption can occur, though. One of those steps is to make sure the parental rights of the child's birth parents have been terminated.