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What fiduciary duties does a spouse have?

When you're getting a divorce, the last thing you want to find out is that your spouse has violated his or her fiduciary duties. A spouse's fiduciary duty is essentially to make good financial decisions that are not excessively unfair to the other spouse. For example, if two spouses purchase a home together, that is a good agreement and fair to each party. If one person racks up $100,000 in debt without the other's knowledge, it can be argued that the individual violated and broke his or her fiduciary duty.

What should you do before filing for divorce?

If you've decided that you want to get a divorce, you need to start planning well before you talk to your spouse about it. Once you air your grievances, it may become very difficult to talk to or work with your spouse. It's a good idea to start collecting all the items you'll need now, so you have them and can file a case quickly.

Bilingual divorce: Raising your children with two languages

Getting a divorce is hard enough, but imagine having a child who is speaking two languages. If you're a parent who doesn't speak the other language, you might feel alienated or stressed as you try to understand your child. You may feel threatened because you can't understand everything your ex says to your child.

Awkwardness at graduation: Take steps to look past divorce

As the end of the school year arrives, one thing that's vital for you to remember as a divorced or divorcing parent is that your decisions should not impact your child's graduation. You and your spouse chose this path, but it does not have to impact your child's big day.

How can you prepare financially for divorce?

One of your concerns when you're getting a divorce may be how to survive the financial impact a divorce can have. The standard of living you're used to may not be one you can maintain in the future due to losing your spouse's income, for example, and that could impact you significantly.

Post-divorce financial lessons from those near retirement age

Getting divorced at any age puts a bit of a strain on your financial life. Even if you've planned well and have ample resources, suddenly splitting those resources in two at a time when other emotional stressers are occurring can be difficult. If you haven't planned ahead or don't have a good handle on your finances, divorce can throw everything wildly out of whack. This is especially true for individuals who experience divorce close to retirement, because they have less time to recover from the sudden shift.

How might getting a divorce impact your credit score?

Most people work very hard to get their credit score up to a good rating. The last thing that you want is for someone else to wreck your hard work. If you are going through a divorce and have joint accounts with your ex, that is exactly what might happen. You should prepare yourself to take a hit to your credit score, and you should be ready to take proactive steps to try to prevent that impact from occurring.