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Some actions can cost you custody of your children

Child custody is something that many parents hold near and dear to their hearts. The thought of losing the right to see their children and build a relationship with them is disheartening. For this reason, anyone who has a child custody order should understand some of the things that might happen that could make them lose custody of their children.

Remember to keep the focus on your child in a custody case

When parents divorce, the children who still live at home are thrown into a new way of life. This can be difficult on the children. It is imperative that you try to get things settled for the child as quickly as possible so that the child can have some sense of stability. As we discussed last week, one option for doing this is by working with your ex to get the issues resolved.

Working out a child custody agreement with your ex

Working with your ex to determine what is going to be included in the child custody agreement isn't something that is going to be easy; however, it is sometimes the best option since both of you know your child. Using alternative dispute resolution methods might help you and your ex to determine these points.