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Pros and cons associated with monthly and lump sum alimony

Many California families are led by a single head of household that serves as the breadwinner while their spouse stays at home to take care of the home and kids. If that's long been the case with your family here in Riverside, then it's likely that you plan to request alimony from your spouse when you two split up.

Spousal support may soon cap out at 5 years in California

On August 8, the California Secretary of State (SoS) announced that a new family law petition had begun circulating. If the proposal were to generate enough support among voters, lawmakers would be one step closer to limiting the length of time that a spouse can collect alimony here.

How you can help your child through your California divorce

Divorce is often difficult for spouses to cope with, especially the longer they've been married or the more high-value assets that they share. Parents often don't realize how much their divorce also impacts their kids until they start having behavioral problems at home or school. There are ways that parents can take charge of the situation so that their child can feel supported as you all navigate the unchartered waters of divorce.

Millennials: Having separate accounts doesn't help if you divorce

One of the first things that couples used to do as soon as they got married was to combine their money into a single account. While they likely did this in large part to prove that "what's mine is yours," younger couples are avoiding doing this nowadays. Many of them aren't doing this in hopes that they won't have to give up their money if they get divorced. Some legal experts warn that things don't work out exactly that way though.

A spike in divorce filings is on the horizon

Divorce filings tend to follow certain trends. While there are always outliers -- most people don't get divorced in December, for instance, but that doesn't mean there aren't couples who file for divorce right around Christmas -- summer tends to see a significant spike in divorce filings as it draws to a close.

Dishonesty is a major reason for divorce

Divorce does not always have to be dramatic. You hear plenty of stories about spouses who are unfaithful to the marriage, for instance, and that does lead to divorce, but most cases happen for far more "minor" reasons. One of those reasons is simply dishonesty.

Mediation helps divorcing couples resolve difficult issues

By the time California spouses ultimately call to set up an appointment with a divorce attorney, they've often pulled out all the stops to try to save their marriage. Many have been hesitant to pull the plug on their marriage out of fear that negotiating a settlement with their ex will easily become a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. Those who envision this happening with them often find mediation to be a welcome alternative to a litigated divorce.

Mediation can work for those who struggle to settle their divorce

If you and your spouse have kids, own a home or share other assets, then it's likely that settling your divorce isn't going to go as smoothly as you may hope it would. If you and your ex are having trouble reaching a compromise, then mediation may be an ideal way for you to resolve your differences without having to spend a lot of time or fork out a lot of money litigating personal matters in a courtroom.