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What consent is needed to effectuate a California adoption?

If you've considered adopting a child, then you've likely heard the word "consent" used quite a bit. The parent or agency responsible for a child must relinquish their rights to a minor before the adoption process can move forward.

How common is same-sex couple adoption in the United States?

Data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010 showed that there were just under 600,000 same-sex couple households that year. At least 115,000 of them reported having children. The number of kids who live with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) parents has increased significantly since then.

What does the background check for adoption in California entail?

If you're looking to adopt, then you've likely already begun researching what steps you must take to get the process started. You've likely found that California and every other state in the union require that you undergo a background check before a child will be placed into your Riverside home.

Do I need an attorney to adopt my friend's child in California?

Adoptions that occur between birth and adoptive parents who already are friends are referred to as independent adoptions because they don't involve a California state agency or a private one placing the child. While some jurisdictions allow consenting parties to handle the adoption of a child via this process without using the services of an agency or even an attorney, it's not the best idea if you want to make sure that everything is done right.

What are the requirements to adopt in California?

If you're considering pursuing adoption as a way to build your family, then you've made a wise choice. There are countless kids in California looking for a mom or dad to shower them with unconditional love and provide them with a forever home. The state has many requirements that you must meet to adopt, though.

What's involved in adopting my spouse's child in California?

If the husband or wife of a child's custodial parent wishes to adopt their son or daughter, then this process is referred to as a stepparent adoption. The California Department of Social Services generally requires for a couple to have been married at least one year before taking this step. The stepparent must fill out forms, undergo an investigation and attend a hearing in front of a judge before the adoption is approved.

Can potential guardians become ineligible?

You never want to see your child with someone dangerous, but there's also little to no way to know everything about another person. As someone who is now looking into taking on the guardianship of a child, you should know that there are actually steps in place to prevent injuries to children by reviewing the history of the potential guardian.

Can any stepparent adopt a stepchild?

When you get married, it's one of the happiest days of your life. This could only be made better by the growth of your family with your stepchild. For many people, becoming the father or mother to a stepchild is a great achievement and something they're proud to do. For some, the end goal is to adopt their stepchild and become a parent with all the responsibilities and legal rights as a biological parent would have.