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Was your divorce triggered by a communication breakdown?

Sitting at the dining room table across from your spouse shouldn't be a silent affair unless that's the kind of relationship both of you want. While some spouses may be content with silence, most relationships require meaningful and honest conversations to flourish. Through honest and heartfelt communication, spouses learn about one another's concerns and how they can best fulfill each other's needs in the relationship. When this kind of communication can't be achieved, it could lead to the end of the marriage.

When addiction leads to divorce

Just because one spouse is struggling with an addiction problem doesn't mean that it will lead to the destruction of the marriage. However, addiction -- be it to drugs, alcohol, pills or something else -- does cause approximately 7.3 percent of divorces in the United Sates. If you're struggling with a spouse who has an addiction problem, you may be considering divorce, but it won't be an easy decision.

Is grief normal following a divorce?

Following a divorce, it's not unusual to grieve. Much like losing someone you love, a divorce may result in significant feelings of loss. For many people, moving on isn't something that comes easy, and dealing with the divorce is a struggle.

Couples therapists: We won't tell you to get a divorce, usually

You are thinking about getting a divorce, but you want to try therapy first. What you really want to know is if your therapist will be honest. Will he or she tell you or your spouse if your marriage really can't be saved? Will the therapist give you a way to get out, or will he or she suggest you stick together no matter what?

Divorcing young: What to expect

Sometimes, it's hard to be a young adult. You may struggle with the early days of your career or start a family and learn what it means to face true exhaustion. Some people get married, and others decide that their marriages aren't right for them.

Borderline Personality Disorder can affect you after divorce

In some relationships, there are fathers who struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). While the disorder itself doesn't imply that a father is good or bad, it can mean that he faces some additional struggles. It's normal for someone with BPDs to have a primary attachment to his spouse and then to the child, instead of to the child and then the spouse.