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Drug and alcohol abuse can impact child custody in California

There are many reasons why couples decide to divorce. Issues with addiction, including drugs and alcohol, pornography and gambling issues, are a major contributing factor to the decline of marriages. When one spouse becomes addicted or starts engaging in unsafe behavior, it can put the whole family at risk.

Abandoning the home: What you need to know about divorce

Coming from Mexico, you're probably familiar with what happens when people abandon their homes and family for a divorce. Under Mexican law, a man who leaves his wife may be liable for her income for the rest of her life, even though he no longer wants to stay married.

Don't fall for these 3 child custody myths

Divorce comes with many challenges. For instance, you will have to decide what to do with your Morena Valley home and how to divide your other property. In addition, you may also have to work out a child custody schedule with your future ex. Dealing with custody issues might the most difficult challenge you face during the divorce process.

Modern dads: How are they different?

There's an outdated perspective that says, "Dads are better suited to be workers than the caretakers of children." However, this view is just as wrong as the outdated perspectives that continue to persist about women.

Understanding alimony laws in California

If you are thinking about divorce, you might be wondering if you will receive alimony as part of your settlement. In California, you and you husband can come to an agreement about alimony payments outside of the court or you can petition the court to make it part of the divorce decree. The main reason why courts grant alimony is so that one spouse does not suffer an undue hardship as a result of divorce. In other words, if you are not earning income, or earning an income substantially lower that your husbands, the court might award you alimony payments.