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Understanding alimony laws in California

If you are thinking about divorce, you might be wondering if you will receive alimony as part of your settlement. In California, you and you husband can come to an agreement about alimony payments outside of the court or you can petition the court to make it part of the divorce decree. The main reason why courts grant alimony is so that one spouse does not suffer an undue hardship as a result of divorce. In other words, if you are not earning income, or earning an income substantially lower that your husbands, the court might award you alimony payments.

It’s dangerous to try divorce without an attorney in California

While divorce is generally the same in most parts of the world, the way that the law deals with divorce is different from country to country. If you moved to California from somewhere other than the United States, it is possible that your beliefs about how divorce and divorce settlements work here is dangerously inaccurate.