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How do you obtain guardianship of a child?

When there's a child you want to take guardianship of, it's not as easy as saying you want to do that and going to court. On top of the court paperwork, you'll need to obtain the parents' consent for you to take over guardianship. If the parents are deceased and you've been left as a guardian, that's a different situation that is addressed directly at the time of the parents' passing.

What are some important facts to know about adopting?

Adopting a child is a way to grow your family as well as to give a child in need a family to belong to. Parents who want to adopt in the U.S. have several options including seeking the help of an adoption agency. Sometimes, people are approached by birth parents directly or seek international adoptions.

Founder of Families Now reads list of foster children in capitol

When you think about foster care, you may not be quite sure about adopting through it. Some myths of foster care include that children are unstable or have been victims of violence. Myths suggest that all children in foster care act out or are aggressive or dangerous. People believe that these children have challenges with their behaviors and may be hard to house.

What should you consider when adopting from another culture?

If you want to adopt a child, one thing you might be considering is adopting a child from a different ethnic background or culture. As a parent, you want to have a lot in common with your child, and it's possible that your child may grow up doing all the things you do with your family regardless of race, culture or ethnicity. Despite that, it's a great idea to help your child feel connected to his or her heritage and to make sure you're educated on your child's background.

Is adopting a teen a viable option?

Adopting a teen might seem difficult, but it's one of the kindest things an adoptive parent can choose. Teens are often seen as individuals who can't change or who have been damaged by the foster care system, but that isn't the case. Sadly, as a result of the unfair stereotypes, teens often go without being adopted and age out of the system. Many teens simply want to find a family who will love and care for them, even if it's only for a few years until they're old enough to go to college or live independently.

Guardianships: Giving children someone to rely on

If there is a reason that a child cannot live with his or her parents, then a guardian may be appointed or chosen for the child. A guardian is a person who takes care of the child in a variety of ways, from managing the child's finances to providing medical care, food and education. Guardianship can end if a judge determines it is not longer necessary in those cases.