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2 relationship problems that could lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

When couples fight constantly about anything and everything, it could be a sign that something is wrong. However, the constant fighting isn’t necessarily a signal that divorce is imminent. According to psychologists, it’s when another issue is introduced to the relationship that couples may begin to tumble down the slippery slope to divorce.

After a period of arguing, one spouse may eventually decide to disengage. Maybe a hot-button topic is discovered, and the spouses instinctively begin to avoid talking about the issue because it always triggers an uncomfortable fight.

While the spouses might be doing this in the name of peace, they could also be bottling up their feelings inside. This lack of conflict resolution will cause the couple’s differences to get submerged and resentment could develop — in addition to distance and withdrawal.

The next stage is called emotional disengagement. This happens when the couple cannot engage with each other emotionally anymore. One or the other may lose interest in physical and emotional intimacy. When this intimacy disappears, both spouses could begin to feel devastatingly lonely in the relationship — as if they are married to a stranger. The relationship could continue down the road to divorce unless they seek professional assistance.

If you’ve already been through these and/or other stages of marriage that can lead to divorce, you might be ready to finally call it quits on your relationship. Our legal team is available to talk with you about the most appropriate strategies for bringing your marriage to a close given the unique facts and circumstances of your case.