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Domestic violence has no place in any home

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Uncategorized

Domestic violence affects thousands of people every year, ranging from small children to the elderly. The good news for those who are abused is that there are ways to help yourself get out of that dangerous situation and on the path to healing.

If you’re in danger, one of the things you can do is seek a temporary protective order. If you do this, the court will issue a short order that makes it a legal offense for the abusive party to contact or be near you. This typically stays in place until there is a hearing.

Domestic violence isn’t just physical violence

Domestic violence comes in many forms, from physical assault to stalking. Abuse can be verbal or psychological as well. Some people struggle with financial abuse, where one spouse controls all the money and finances while the other is restricted to using what he or she is given.

No one should feel afraid of a partner. You shouldn’t feel that you’re controlled or in danger. You have a right to speak up and get help. A court may even order a more permanent form of protection for you if your situation is particularly dangerous for you or your children.

If you’re facing danger at home, reach out to the police or your attorney. There are people who can help you get the protection you need so that you can seek a divorce or get to a place that is not a danger to you or your children. Violence is sometimes difficult to get away from, but there are routes to safety.

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