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Don’t fall for these 3 child custody myths

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Blog

Divorce comes with many challenges. For instance, you will have to decide what to do with your Morena Valley home and how to divide your other property. In addition, you may also have to work out a child custody schedule with your future ex. Dealing with custody issues might the most difficult challenge you face during the divorce process.

Since there are so many different facets of divorce, it is important to be sure you are basing your decisions on correct information. Avoid falling for the traps inherent in the following child custody myths.

Mothers always get full custody

Many years ago, courts did tend to favor mothers over fathers as the primary caretakers of the children. However, over the last several decades, more courts are awarding joint or shared custody. There are also many more cases now where fathers are granted primary custody.

Courts don’t grant custody to parents on antidepressants

It is better to receive treatment to manage the symptoms of depression than let the disease control your life and affect your ability to take care of the children. The court will not automatically deny you custody if you seek treatment for depression. However, if you suffer from a treatable and debilitating condition and you are not treating it, the court might question your judgment.

You don’t have to let him see the kids if he doesn’t pay child support

Child custody and child support are two completely different things. Just because your ex fails to make a child support payment does not mean that you can keep him from seeing the children. By doing this, you could end up facing a reprimand from the court for violating the custody agreement. If your ex falls behind on child support, let the court take care of the situation instead of trying to punish him yourself.

If you have children and are considering divorce, you will need to work out a child custody arrangement with your future ex. Do not let the above custody myths influence your decisions or judgment during the process.