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What should you consider when adopting from another culture?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

If you want to adopt a child, one thing you might be considering is adopting a child from a different ethnic background or culture. As a parent, you want to have a lot in common with your child, and it’s possible that your child may grow up doing all the things you do with your family regardless of race, culture or ethnicity. Despite that, it’s a great idea to help your child feel connected to his or her heritage and to make sure you’re educated on your child’s background.

There are endless combinations when it comes to races and cultures. Multicultural families are becoming more common, and that’s great news for you. It means you’re likely to find other families going through similar situations and can have friends with similar interests and experiences. Keep in mind that your child will grow up knowing your culture, but if he or she is older when adopted, he or she may have parts of his or her own culture that you need to bring into your home to make him or her feel comfortable.

Children who are adopted into homes of people of another race may face significant challenges. For instance, if you’re a white family in a primarily white neighborhood, adopting an Asian child may make your child the first of his or her race in the community. While that’s not bad in any way, it can be isolating for your child, so it’s important to take that into consideration.

Explore your child’s culture and the possible implications of race before you adopt. You’ll be a better parent for doing so.

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