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Founder of Families Now reads list of foster children in capitol

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

When you think about foster care, you may not be quite sure about adopting through it. Some myths of foster care include that children are unstable or have been victims of violence. Myths suggest that all children in foster care act out or are aggressive or dangerous. People believe that these children have challenges with their behaviors and may be hard to house.

The truth is that every child is different, and they need to be seen as individuals. Even the most difficult children need love and attention; many are difficult because they’ve been through hard times and need to balance and love of a permanent home.

To draw attention to the list of children in foster care, one woman read the names and ages of the children on the steps of the state capitol. She said that while many of these children will end up being adopted and placed into permanent homes, others will not. It’s those children who suffer the most from stereotypes about the kinds of people in foster care.

Fortunately, she reports that this year’s foster care list is around half the size of the list 29 years ago, the first time anyone took to the steps of the capitol to read off the names. Thanks to legislation, more children are finding homes when they need them.

Foster care is just one way you can bring a child into your home and start the process of adoption. If you’re ready to adopt, your attorney can help you start the process and fill out all the necessary documents.

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